Here are some case study examples of how Air Innovations has put our innovative environmental control solutions to work for a variety of processes across multiple industries. To see how we can develop a custom ECU solution or HVAC solutions to your environmental or process control challenge, give us a call or submit a custom project inquiry today.

Desktop Micro Environments

Custom Redesign of Personal Environmental Control Console

personal environmental control console
Custom replacement for Personal Environments® Fan and Electronics Unit from Johnson Controls The Challenge: Develop a replacement circulated fan and electronics unit or “Personal Climate Control Console” integrated into a personal console (advanced office desk) after the original provider more

Aerospace Environmental Control Systems

Aerospace Environmental Control Systems

Orbital Antares rocket launch
The Challenge: Air Innovations’ client and NASA partner, Orbital Sciences Corp., needed to condition the key stages of the Antares rocket system – including its payload and core – during pre-launch. The rocket would be outfitted with its payload about more

Aerospace: Portable Cleanroom Control

The Challenge: A prime aerospace and defense corporation came to us with a calibration system challenge in their airborne laser defense system. The calibration system needed to mount inside a modified Boeing-747 designed as a missile defense system to destroy more

Custom Air Systems

Custom HVAC: Complex Engineering Structures

The Linq High Roller Case Study The Challenge: Control the temperature in each cabin of the world’s largest observation wheel: Caesars Entertainment’s High Roller observation wheel at the Linq. The High Roller is 550 ft. tall and features 28 cabins, more

Explosion Proof HVAC Equipment Design

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing — Explosion-Proof HVAC

explosion proof HVAC
The Challenge: Air Innovations’ Cleanroom Systems division was asked to design a Class I, Div I Enclosure. This form of environmental control system (ECU) is used to control the process air needed for solvent-based coating of pharmaceutical tablets. The more

Homeland Security Environmental Control

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical: Precision Process Control

environmental control for pharmaceutical
The Challenge: Two separate pharmaceutical packaging firms required unique air conditioning technology. In one case, a returning customer requested precisely controlled conditions to provide an exact level of uniform drying for fluid bed dryers used by the manufacturer to more



Environmental Control System for Photonics

sphere for measuring lumens
The Challenge: An international photonics manufacturer that builds photometric testing devices for imaging devices in aerospace, medical, optics, and a variety of other industries approached Air Innovations for help in designing an effective sphere spectrometer system to rate the more

Linear Accelerator Cooling System

This case study discusses how we met linear accelerator cooling requirements for a federal laboratory. The Challenge: Air Innovations was approached to design and build a linear accelerator cooling system for a silicon pixel sub-detector (PXL) inside the “STAR” detector, more

Semiconductor HVAC and Environmental Control

Custom ECU for Nanomachining Mask Repair Tool (Semiconductor)

The Challenge: One of the biggest challenges in using lithography in high-volume semiconductor fabrication is photomask defectivity. A global supplier to the semiconductor and photomask making industries asked Air Innovations to create an environmental control unit (ECU) that could service — on demand — any of its nanomachining mask more

Specialty Residential HVAC

PACK Series – Commercial Grade Packaged Cooling Systems

PACK Series thumbnail
PACK Series are the most versatile, self-contained and ductable systems on the market.  Applications include wine cellars; art or document preservation; instrument or fur storage; niche environments, and more; these units can be used in nearly any application. Nominal more