When approached with innovation, every environmental control problem has a solution.

At Air Innovations, we’re a world leader in process environmental control systems – but we do things a little differently than most companies. We’re not limited by specific product lines or confined to certain industries. We have the unique ability to understand varied needs and goals across a variety of fields and applications, and we specialize in transforming your challenges into custom environmental control systems and solutions.

Through our experience and expertise as a multi-division HVAC and environmental control system manufacturer, we can literally meet any need as it relates to the precise control of temperature, humidity, pressure and filtration. Just try us. If the solution to your environmental control challenge doesn’t already exist, chances are with our help, it will soon. Find out more about our innovative environmental control technology or view examples of our custom HVAC systems design.

We are able to meet a wide range of environmental control needs across almost any industry – from medical and semiconductor to homeland security and aerospace. We can work with a very wide range of environmental inputs and deliver the specific outputs your system requires. Some capabilities include temperature tolerances to ±0.01°C; dew point & humidity control to ±0.5% RH from desiccant conditions to 95% RH; and molecular, HEPA, or ULPA filtration. All equipment is produced in our 40,000ft2 facility in Syracuse, New York.

Air Innovations can create a custom environmental control system to fit your specific needs. For more information, Contact us or call 1-800-825-3268 today!